Kintyre Cycling Services

Kintyre Cycling Services

Scotland: Cycle Repair Scheme:

Funded by the Scottish Government and delivered through Cycling UK and participating retailers, the Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme provides free bike repair and maintenance work up to a value of £50.

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Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme

The initiative is designed to encourage old bikes out of storage and back onto our roads, as well as keeping well-used bikes pedalling smoothly and safely thanks to the skills and services of bike mechanics right across Scotland.

Inclusivity and accessibility are at the heart of the scheme. All cycles are welcome including:

  • adult and child bikes
  • tandems
  • trikes
  • handcycles
  • non-standard and adapted bikes
  • people who use manual wheelchairs are also eligible to access free repairs

Kintyre Cycling Services

Contact us: 07947 649748 or visit our Facebook Page and send a message.

We are able to provide normal servicing, parts, health checks or repairs for your bike. contact us to see how we can help.


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